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Thank you for joining us in Harwell!

We would like to thank all the participants for the success of this event.

On 2nd November 2011 the European space innovation scene gatherered in Harwell (UK) for the 6th edition of the European Space Agency (ESA) Investment Forum. Organised by Europe Unlimited and hosted by  ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) and The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), this forum is an exceptional setting for exploring investment opportunities.

The ESA Investment Forum foster investment and partnership opportunities by bringing start-up companies using space-related technology, applications or services in a non-space environment, together with finance and investment communities while highlighting the business potential of such blends (programme).

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Who applied?

The SMEs selected to participate in this event are businesses that build a significant portion of their growth and competitive advantage on the utilisation of a broad spectrum of technologies originating from space and their application in diverse industrial sectors:

•    An independent company with operational headquarters in the EEA
•    Active in space-related technologies. 
•    Seeking growth funding in the next 24 months.

Your benefits:

•    Selected for one of the 30 presentation slots at the event.
•    Visibility and recognition within the industry.
•    Opportunity to network with a pool of international investors, corporates and other important industry experts - all in one place.
•    Possibility to pre-arrange One2One meetings.
•    Full conference information pack.