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During his studies, Gorazd Lampic met Andrej Detela who was actively pursuing innovation in electro-magnetism.

“This inspired me to do a master’s in electrical engineering, focusing on electric mobility. I read his interview, sent him an e-mail, and then we quickly realised that we could cooperate,” shares Mr. Lampic, CEO of Elaphe.

Together, Gorazd and Andrej came up with better solutions, which led to solving specific problems faster. In 2006, they founded Elaphe Propulsion Technologies.

“We started alone with Andrej and a few external collaborators, and, gradually, the remaining team members joined. Today, the team is close to 100 people, but we still need to grow, and there are many challenges ahead.”

What Problems Does Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Solve?

The Elaphe innovation and technology DNA, a building block of their in-wheel propulsion platforms, allows for the highest specific torques in the world.

In other words, the company can package a lot of traction torque in a very small, compact, and light-weight package.

This, in turn, “allows us to have a light-weight, spacious vehicle, with ample room for the vehicle users or for cargo, batteries, etc,” explains Gorazd Lampic.

That’s not all, though. The innovative solutions of Elaphe let them save a lot on weight, as well as improve certain driving characteristics of the vehicle.

For example, the entire traction system is completely inside the wheels, wrapped around a standard vehicle braking system, using no gears, transmissions or any mechanical energy transfer systems.

This makes the vehicle very agile, capable of setting record-breaking performance, while still being able to accommodate the whims of engineers and designers.

Client Stories, Biggest Achievements, and Future Aspirations

The R&D innovation partners of Elaphe in different projects have been major OEMs and Tier 1s, such as AVL, Audi, Brembo, Continental, Groupe PSA, JAC, Infineon, IVECO, VOLVO CE, Tenneco, and others.

One of the company’s core achievements is the compact electromagnetic topology, enabling the already mentioned high specific torque.

“To demonstrate performance and the capability of the technology, we prepared Elaphe’s R8 sports car mule to accelerate from 0-100km/h in under 3.3 secondsa world record for an in-wheel powered vehicle,” proudly shares Mr. Lampic.

Today, Elaphe is on a good track to start the mass production of in-wheel powered EV’s and in the next couple years to become a synonym for electric cars with in-wheel motors.

Connection with TechTour

“We see TechTour as a community that brings us closer to the world-class innovation and partnership circle. It enables us to address new challenges to the community and to demonstrate our impact.

Entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and investors, all working on one collaborative platform, sharing the connections, inspiration, and strategies. This is needed to foster innovation.

I appreciate that and would like to thank William Stevens especially for the long-lasting cooperation and support!” concludes Gorazd Lampic.